"A Place to Call Home and Someone to Call Mother"


Alex and Kristen Distributing Socks to Children
Kristen Gardner and Alex Chistolini distributing socks to Ebenezer Children

The Ebenezer Foundation, Inc, a 501c Not-For-Profit Charitable Trust, was founded to facilitate the tax free donations for the Ebenezer Child Care Trust (ECCT) in Zambia, Africa.

MISSION: "A Place to Call Home and Someone to Call Mother"

The Ebenezer’s goal is to provide shelter, medical care and education to orphans and street children of Zambia.

A little goes a long way at the Ebenezer!

100% of your donations reaches the Ebenezer children.  The Founder/President and Board Members are volunteers. The Foundation has no religious or political affiliation. Do you have questions about making a donation? Please email Marilyn Gardner at information@ebenezerfoundation.net.
For your gift of $30/= a month, a child can study and also have his/her medical needs met.
The Ebenezer Foundation, Inc. gratefully accepts credit card, automated bank deductions, and Paypal donations.

The Ebenezer Foundation, Inc. and its website are dedicated to support the Ebenezer Child Care Trust (ECCT) in Zambia (http://www.ebenezerchildcare.org/). Neither organization has any religious or political affiliation..